1st May

One of the symptoms of PCOS is excess hair, and my arms are one of the many places that this excess hair decides to grow.

For as long as I can remember, my arms have been hairier than normal. I remember people asking my why my arms were so hairy when I was in infant (elementary) school. It doesn’t help that I’m very dark haired/olive skinned as it is. I’ve lost count of the amount of people who’ve asked me if I’m Spanish, Greek, or Italian. I’ve even been asked if I’m Indian (by an Indian lady!) As far as I’m aware, I’m not any of the above. My Uncle looks very Greek though, so I’m guessing somewhere in our family tree we’ve got some mediterranean blood!

But anyway. I had my arms waxed today, because I know it’ll make me feel more confident on my work experience. But I wanted to put a picture up of what my arms look like, so that maybe someone will see and not feel quite so alone. Or maybe they’ll see my arms and think ‘thank god my arms aren’t that bad!’ I don’t know lol. But this is a PCOS blog, and excess hair is a symptom. So I think it’d be good to document it.

As you can see, the hair doesn’t stop at my hands, I’ve got hair on the back of my hands and fingers. It also extends all the way up to my shoulder, but it gets finer and shorter above my elbow, so I normally only get them waxed to half way up my upper arm.

And here’s a picture for comparison; one arm has been waxed, the other one hasn’t been touched yet.

Waxing my arms usually only keeps them hair free for about 10 days, then the hairs start growing back. And DEAR GOD is it itchy. But it’s worth it for the boost in confidence I get.

This hasn’t been an easy blog post to make. Half of me really doesn’t want to put these pictures up, because it’s embarrassing. But the other half of me wants to, because it’s a PCOS blog, and this is one of my major symptoms. I think I’ll just stick to pictures of my arms for now though, pictures of my face/neck/stomach/bikini area/legs/feet can wait a while (if ever!!).

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